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Summary: Our main character (nameless thus far, but that's gonna be explained next part) vows to himself and to his Great Mother that no human shall ever break him. Then he is captured and will stop at nothing to regain his freedom and protect the name of the moon. His plan is disrupted to say the least when it is a human that saves him from his death. It is the Great Mother herself that demands no debt remain unpaid. How can he disobey her?
Rating: PG. Maybe PG-13 on later entries


There was a season very many twelve-moons ago when what the humans call "odds" were even. Well, the odds of my kind. Life was simpler then. Then were the moons that were lived as life was meant to be - free and based on instinct. Then were the seasons when the pack was at its strongest and howled to the Great Mother Moon.
It's practically legend to even me and only our far brothers continue such "barbaric" ways. Such trash talk about such freedom. What good does human affection give you? I've seen some from my litter give away freedom for a few scraps of meat. My closest brothers! And yet they have turned on everything we believe in. One in particular turned to a human within 4 moons. I have never seen him again.
But it was my pledge. I would not falter. I would not go against my instinct and be trained with a clicking monstrosity to "roll over." I howled to my Great Mother as a promise not to be broken or tempted by hunger to turn to the misguided "love" of a human.
It was what I had told myself every day and what I viciously cling to now. Approximately two moons ago, I was taken - by force, of course - to the local pound. There I was shoved into a cage much too small for any alpha such as myself. The others laugh at me, calling my belief in the Great Mother as antiquated as existence itself. They tell me not to be so proud or the humans will euthanize me. As much as I would hate death, it is not enough to tame me.
At every opportunity to be outside, I howl to my Great Mother Moon even if I cannot see her. I remind her that I have not forgotten my promise. I know she will send a brother to get me out of this prison. She will send someone to bring me to freedom.

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It's the middle of the night. I gotta wake up pretty early... But I can't seem to fall asleep. It's a shame really. I enjoy dreaming. After a long period without them even a nightmare is welcome. It's not all that bad, really. My mind isn't so twisted as to make anything too horrible.


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